Experience HR1102S Rack online 2KVA 220V product to help provide a constant and stable power supply

Rack Online HR11 UPS series with a capacity range of 1 – 10 kVA, uses a double conversion solution and applies full control technology by DSP. The single-phase UPS product series from 6 to 10kVA is applied advanced 3-level IGBT technology, helping to achieve high efficiency up to 95%. With high effective (kW=kVA) power in 2U size, HR11 is a good choice for computers, telecommunications equipment and other sensitive equipment.

Outstanding specifications of the UPS:

  • Wide range of input voltage while input PF > 0.99. compatible with complicated load for high performance.
  • 19” standard cabinet and battery cabinet. Space saving for installation area
  • Full protection for UPS: over voltage, short circuit and over temperature. Improve safety and limit high risks.
  • Automatic fan speed adjustment.
  • Abundant interface: RS232,USB, SNMP, Intelligent Card.
  • Suitable for storing electricity for small businesses and households.
  • HR1102S has a compact size, like a computer CPU, saving space for UPS installation area.

Mặt trước UPS

  • The LED + LCD display shows parameters such as: Input, output voltage, battery, input current, output current, load capacity, operating modes. Besides, it also integrates control buttons, on-screen selection, friendly and easy to use interface.
  • The back of the UPS includes input and output ports that meet IEC standards, communication ports and cooling fans.

Mặt sau UPS

  • Connecting the system is extremely simple, because the connection ports all have terminals or jacks available, just plug in the cable and connect to the device.
  • Operating the system is extremely simple, after connecting to the device and making sure it meets the specifications. Then when the UPS power is turned on, the UPS is ready to operate to supply power to the load immediately without any installation information.

To change the operating modes, we can press the Mode button on the control keyboard to select the desired operating mode. Very simple operation.

  • The product uses 3-level IGBT technologies, for high efficiency, standard sine wave output, ensuring safety and reliability for equipment and users.
  • Competitive product prices, technical after-sales service.