Dat Technology Co., Ltd (DAT) is a solution developer and provider leading the Vietnamese market in the field of Automation,  Elevator Control, UPS, Solar Power & ESS.

Over the past 14 years, DAT has built a Value Ecosystem with outstanding elements in culture, strategy, human resources, solutions, services, technology, supply capacity, etc., which are effective for customers and partners in production and business activities.

  • 600.000+ products sold
  • 10.000+ customers served
  • 9500+ solar power systems with a total capacity of 560MWp installed nationwide
  • 4000m2 warehouse promptly meeting all needs

Mission to ensure energy security for sustainable development

Based on the experience and achievements, DAT decided to enter the UPS & Power Storage field in 2020, with the desire to contribute to the Vietnamese market with products that meet international quality standards and economical and efficient energy solutions, contributing to ensuring energy security, and at the same time helping enterprises to develop sustainably and be competitive in the international market.

DAT officially launched the UPS product lines of INVT brand

INVT UPS is a product that integrates the most advanced technologies in the field of automatic control and storage, with nearly 30 patents. Improvements in safety, flexibility, plus outstanding warranty and maintenance policies will bring a perfect experience to customers.

Accordingly, to meet the diverse needs of users, DAT’s agents nationwide will distribute the following INVT UPS product lines:

  • Modular UPS
  • 3:3 Standalone UPS
  • Single Phase UPS


Outstanding UPS solutions provided by DAT

UPS Solutions for Data Center

Using UPS for Data center is the optimal solution to help ensure continuous and uninterrupted power supply 24/7, avoiding sudden power outages, voltage spikes, and electric shocks.

UPS Solutions for Hospitals

Using UPS is the best solution to help provide continuous, safe power for all equipment trusted by many hospitals, large medical examination and treatment units.

UPS Solutions for Banks

UPS in the banking system, is often used to provide backup power for ATMs, Server systems, and security monitoring systems.

UPS solutions for factories

For UPS for industrial production plants, often used to provide backup power for production equipment, high-tech lines,

UPS Solutions for Homes

For electrical appliances used in the home such as televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, security cameras or computer systems, they will be easily damaged, reduce their lifespan, and even explode if they encounter a situation. Frequent power outages or intermittent, unstable grid power