RM Series In-built Battery Modular Online UPS 20-60kVA (380V/400V/415V)

RM060/20B modular UPS of INVT brand is an Online UPS with hot-swappable battery. With capacities ranging from 20 to 60kVA, RM060/20B UPS delivers the best of combination of reliability, hot-swappable and flexibility.

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INVT’s modular UPS RM060/20B is an Online UPS with hot maintenance function. With capacities ranging from 20 to 60kVA, the RM060/20B is the perfect combination of reliability, applicability and flexibility.

With intelligent battery protection and management technology, the RM060/20B creates a compact power storage solution that is easy to install, maintain and expand.

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Detailed Product Description


  • Modular design with swappable battery package.
  • Monitor system for battery.
  • Integrated IGBT module with improved performance and reduced size.
  • Easy for installation and maintenance.
  • Easy for power expansion and backup time expansion.
  • Intelligent protection technology for safe and reliable hot swappable battery package of the system.
  • Smart charging management system, Intelligently control the whole process of the charging and discharging effectively improve the life time of the battery.
  • Battery cold start.
  • Friendly human machine interface with touch screen.

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System Capacity 60kVA
Power Module Capacity 20kVA/18kW
Input Dual Input Optional
Phase 3 Phase + Neutral + Ground, 380V/400V/415V (line-line)
Input Voltage Range 304~478Vac (line-line), full load;

228V~304Vac (line-line), load decreases linearly according to the min phase voltage

Rate Frequency 50/60Hz
Input Frequency Range 40Hz~70Hz
Input PF >0.99
Input THDi <3% (100% Linear load)
Bypass Rate Voltage 380/400/415Vac (line-line)
Rate Frequency 50/60Hz
Input Voltage Range Settable, -40%~+25%
Bypass Frequency Range Settable, ±1Hz, ±3Hz, ±5Hz
Bypass Overload 125% long term operation; 130% for 1 hour ;150% for 6 mins; 1000% for 100ms
Output Rate Voltage 380/400/415Vac (line-line)
Voltage Regulation 1% for balance load; 1.5% for unbalance load
Rate Frequency 50/60Hz
Frequency Precision 0.1%
Output PF 0.9
Output THDu <1%, Linear load; <5.5%, Non-linear load
Crest Factor 3:1
Inverter Overload 110% for 1 hour; 125% for 10 mins ;150% for 1 min; >150% for 200 ms
Battery Voltage ±240Vdc
Battery Number 40pcs (Settable: even number from 32 to 44)
Voltage Precision ±1%
Charge Power up to 20% * Output active power
Battery Cold Start Standard
System Efficiency AC Mode 95.0%
ECO Mode 99.0%
Battery Mode 95.0%
Display 5.7″ touch screen LCD + LED + keyboard
IP Class IP 20
Interface RS232, RS485, Programmable Dry Contact
Option SNMP Card, Parallel kit, SPD, LBS, Dust filter
Temperature Operation: 0~40 ℃ Storge: -40~70 ℃
Relative Humidity 0~95% Non-condensing
Altitude <1000m. Within 1000m to 2000m, 1% power derating for every 100m rise.
Noise (1 meter) 55dB @ 50% load
Applicable Standards Safety: IEC/EN 62040-1 EMC: IEC/EN 62040-2 Performance: IEC/EN 62040-3
Physical Weight (kg) Cabinet: 205kg Power module: 22kg Battery package: 10kg (without battery)
Dimension W*D*H (mm) Cabinet 600*1020*2000
Power module 440*590*134
Battery package 120*824*177